There are various beekeeping apps that apiarists have used, and continue to use, to keep their hives active and maximally productive. They come with different features, depending on their purpose and what their developers intended to achieve.

Like most things on this planet, the art of beekeeping has evolved. Beekeepers are looking for better methods to maintain their hives and enlarge their bee colonies. Technology has played a huge part in enlightening them on new ideas of improving their work via software that is specially created to enhance bee farming.

Are you a bee farmer who is dead set on managing your bee farm in the best way possible? Below, we have listed some apps that can help you improve your apiary.

1. HiveKeepers for Beekeepers

Developed by: Project 467 Pty Ltd

This is a smartphone app, supportive society and online portal that is designed to make beekeeping effortless. You can get it for free download on Google Play. It allows you to keep records, and visual presentations of your apiaries to track the wellbeing of your bees more efficiently.

The HiveKeepers for Beekeepers also comes in handy when integrating your apiary records with Google maps and taking inspections at four different levels that include hive, apiary, super and frame. You may take photos of various frames for a more understandable comparison. What is even more fantastic is that you can share the achievements of your bee farm on social media via the app.

The application’s online portal saves your time by showing you all your hives and providing visual reports (in PDF) of your apiary inspections. You may download and print them whenever you want. Additionally, it shows you the hives that you might have neglected and eases managing your biosecurity obligations. Other things that the portal enables you to know include hive strength and the hives that you have recently inspected.

2. HiveTracks – Apiary Management Software

Developed by: HiveTracks & Appiarium LLC

This is an ideal beekeeping app for both beginners and pro beekeepers. With it, you can keep records of your different hives, bees and observations. You are also aware of everything that is happening in your apiary.

Another fantastic feature that comes with this beekeeping application is the ability to share your data; intentionally. Therefore, people cannot know your hive locations, or any other information, unless you choose to let them. Via the app, you can also know the best and newest beekeeping practices from other farmers. Feel free to create PDFs reports of your data and download them.

Some of the benefits of using this app include the ability to work offline if your farm doesn’t have Wi-Fi, and synchronize the application when you get back to internet coverage. You can use it with mobile devices. Also, you can create an online community with like-minded beekeepers and interact as often as you wish.

Please note that this is a cloud-based software. Thus, you can only access it through the internet, not by downloading it to your laptop. The app is available on Google Play for both Android and iOS devices. The download is free, but a subscription is necessary for usage.

3. Apiary Book

Developed by: Bogdan Iordache

The Apiary Book is built in association with the MindTheBees project. If you want to keep track of all your beekeeping duties, this app is designed for you. It allows you to record on your smartphone information about the health, number and maintenance of various bee families.

It comes with a friendly interface feature that enables you to define apiaries, that are also referred to as hearths, add the work that needs to be done, movement of colonies, harvests( honey and wax) as well as veterinary activities.

The Apiary Book is also created for you to know what is happening in your hives. Hence, you can keep a record of the bee history, bee family, the queen, as well as the components. Also, it is possible to know the inspections you’ve done and those that you are yet to. The availability of QR barcodes allows you to identify your hives easily.

One of the best features that this app possesses is its availability in various languages. These include English, Romanian, Italian, Serbian, Russian, French, Greek and Portuguese. This means that you can still use it; regardless of which part of the world you come from.

The Apiary Book is available on Google Play. The iOS version has not yet been released, but it will be available on the App Store.

4. BeeKeeping Demystified

Developed by: Dub Apps

How much do you know about bees? This app provides useful information that all beekeepers need to know to maintain and grow their apiaries. If you are a starter, do not make any moves before going through this application.

Some things that you will learn include how to start your bee farm, how to get the bees and the safety gear and equipment that you will require. If you are planning on using pollen and nectar substitutes, BeeKeeping Demystified teaches you exactly how you should do it.

Additional information includes tips on how to manage and raise queen bees, how to handle bees in general, and how to raise them in suburban areas. You also get Henry Taylor’s Beekeeper’s Manual that will be of tremendous help to your beekeeping career.

BeeKeeping Demystified is available on Google Play, and it is free to download, but only on Android as of now.

5. American Bee Journal

Developed by: Dadant and Sons Inc.

All commercial beekeepers need to download the American Bee Journal from Google Play for free. It provides valuable information about beekeeping that can help you transition from keeping bees as a hobby into farming them for monetary gain. The app comes with useful articles for all beekeepers; regardless of whether you are a starter or a professional.

There is a classroom section that answers various questions from beekeeping enthusiasts. This means that you may get vital information about an issue that has been troubling you, but you are too afraid to ask. The honey market outlook is also provided for you to know what is happening on the market and what you should expect.

Furthermore, the American Bee Journal features an events section. It provides a list of any beekeeping seminars that you might want to attend to learn more about your craft. You can get a printed version of the app, which is similar to the digital one, and read it while online. Downloading it for reading later is also ideal.

6. Bee Safety

Developed by: Oregon State University

As a beekeeper, you want the best for your bees, and you desire to watch your colonies grow. Bee Safety educates you on the various pesticides that are available and their use. You also get to learn about the effects of each of them in regions that include California, Washington, Idaho and Oregon. This way, you know which ones to use for a particular pest and how to do it properly to prevent harming your bees.

The app is unbelievably easy to use. If you want a particular product, all you have to do is type its name in the search box. Bee Safety comes with icons and colour-coded texts. They enable you to determine whether or not the product is lethal to bees. You are also able to notice any precautionary information on the pesticide’s label.

This is available for download on Google Play.

7. Beekeeping

Developed by: Miscositas

Download this app from Google Play for free and learn how to excel in your beekeeping business. It comes with detailed reports that explain to you how you can start ecological, traditional or even organic beekeeping.

You also get to learn about the tools that you will need to do every single activity right. Are you worried about how you’ll prepare your hives when winter comes? There is nothing for you to stress over because the Beekeeping app has got you! It provides step-by-step instructions on how you should do it.

Honey extracting can be a tricky job, especially if you have just started keeping bees. But with the app, you can learn how you should do it without hurting yourself. Other things that you will know about include sanitary measures and feeding techniques.

8. OSBeehives – Digital Beekeeping Toolkit

Developed by: OSBeehives

With OSBeehives, that is available on Google Play, you can make easy-to-understand journal entries and sensor all information using the app’s interface. It also comes with special multimedia features that include pictures and hive audio. You can have your voice annotations that the app translates into text when necessary.

OSBeehives comes in handy when analyzing the health of your beehives using the microphone of your smartphone. It can comfortably detect a variety of bee health states that include healthy, doormat, swarming, sick and queen. Sharing the results with your friends is possible.

Something else that you can do with this app is track the conditions of colonies even when you are far away. To do this, pair it with the BuzzBox hardware. It records the various sounds from your hives. Then, it gives you the atmospheric conditions of the hive; like humidity, wind direction, speed as well as internal and external temperature.

9. Beekeeping and Hive Tracking

Developed by: Hidir Aygul

This app that is available for free download on Google Play allows you to record what you observe around your hives on your mobile device. This gives you more control over your honeybees. You can also get visual warnings that appear on the main screen. They let you know about the colonies that may need more of your attention.

It can be hard to know how well your bee farm is doing unless you keep a record of production. This app allows you to do that. Therefore, you can compare your past harvests with your current ones. This enables you to know if you are going wrong somewhere, and try to find ways to make corrections. It might involve the adoption of better beekeeping practices.

There is an in-app messaging feature that allows for interaction with other beekeepers. You can share experiences and the newest practices in the industry. If you have any problems whose solutions you do not have, you may also consult others.

When you are recording your inspections, you can either select the hive number from the list you have already made or do it manually. If your hives have barcodes, you can use your phone camera to scan them.

10. Bee Keeper’s Diary

Developed by: Madhusree Honey Farm

Bee farmers who have downloaded this app from Google Play have confessed to its great use in beekeeping. It allows you to add as well as manage yards, and hive for a variety of bee types. You may track each of your hive using a number system.

You can also use this app to keep track of your income and expenses. This allows you to evaluate your beekeeping business, which you built out of your hobby, and determine if you are achieving your financial goals. If you have been spending more than you are earning, you know it is time to up your game. If it’s the vice versa, how about looking for ways to expand and maximize the profits?

Bee Keeper’s Diary comes with an alert section. This feature allows you to get notifications whenever there is an activity that requires your attention. With it, you can get things done on time, and this promotes efficiency and reliability.

With the different reports, you know what is happening in your apiaries. You can also evaluate every process that occurs around them. Again, it is possible to see the status of your hives, queen, division, extraction, feeding, as well as the strength of various colonies using the app.

11. Learn beekeeping

Developed by: Mery Ortega

This app designed by Mery Ortega is one of the best beekeeping apps for starters. It teaches you why the art of keeping bees is essential and why you should not hesitate to get started. It gives you guidelines on how you can turn your hobby into a profitable business that will change your life.

Furthermore, there are tips on how you can fight the Varroa destructor that can potentially destroy all your honey bees. You cannot tell when the mites might attack, or if they ever will. But when they do, this app will have equipped you with the knowledge you require to keep your insects safe.

Other things that this app will teach you include the different types of bees and the importance of pollen in hives. It also enlightens you on the benefits of beekeeping. These include improving biodiversity and arthritis, promoting weight loss and acting as a food sweetener.

Learn beekeeping is available on Google Play. It is compatible with most mobile devices.

12. Bee hive monitoring

Developed by: Beehivemonitoring

Have you been experiencing problems monitoring what happens in and around your beehives? This is the app you need to get. It allows you to know the temperatures inside the hives as well as the humidity. If any of your queen bees gets lost, be sure to receive an alert.

Also, the app lets you know when someone is trying to rob your apiary. This enhances security since you can get help on time. Consequently, you can avoid loses that you may never be able to recover from. Furthermore, Bee hive monitoring keeps you in the know about things like swarming predictions, the number of bees in the hives and the flow of nectar.

Once you download this app from Google Play, you don’t even have to stay around your apiaries to know what is happening. It is unbelievably easy to install as well as set up; hence, you will not experience any problems even if you are using it for the first time.

13. Bee Appy – Hive Management

Developed by: Motionly Ltd

As a beekeeper who wants to make profits and enlarge their bee colonies, your primary goal should be to keep all your bees healthy. This app is created to help you do that. With it, you can comfortably inspect your apiary and compile reports. This enables you to evaluate how your beehives are performing.

Another feature that you will love is the GPS location function. It makes it easy for you to map your apiary. You may also take photos of all your hives to see what is happening around them whenever you are not around.

The Bee Appy – Hive Management is free to download on Google Play. You may use it on Android as well as iOS devices. Installation is pretty easy; even if you are a first timer.

14. HiveTool Mobile

Developed by: The HiveTool Mobile Team

Keeping track of your bees as well as hive data is crucial if you are going to make it as a beekeeper. This beekeeping application allows you to do that and so much more. With its to-do feature, you can comfortably manage your daily duties; making it easy for you to achieve your objectives.

There is also an insights features. You can use it to make charts and graphs to analyze bee data and other crucial apiary information. This means that you can observe trends over some time. This allows you to make plans and changes that you may deem necessary to improve the condition of your bee farm.

Most users have loved the fact that you do not need a Wi-Fi connection to use the HiveTool Mobile. Once you open it, it will run regardless of where you are. When you go back to a place where there is Wi-Fi connection, sync up to the app’s cloud. This allows you to back-up your data so that you are still safe in case anything happens to your phone.

The HiveTool Mobile is free to download on Google Play. Currently, it is only available on your Android devices.

15. BeeRM

Developed by: MyBeeLine

The BeeRM is also another beekeeping app that makes keeping records easy. It is designed for both beginner and professional beekeepers. The app’s interface is easy-to-use, and this ensures that you can enter accurate data within a short time.

It has an excellent way of recording your data. All you need is to make your hive entries. Then, you can record information that may include your queens, feedings, treatment, number of colonies as well as broods. To get graphs, charts or other visualizations, sync your recordings to an appropriate web app.

The BeeRM’s comes with a central dashboard. With it, you can see the current condition of your hives and inspections. The app’s calendar allows you to schedule tasks that need to be done on specific days.

Other features that most beekeepers have found impressive include the geo-location weather notifications and the capability to know your honey production, earning and expense via the app.

Get the BeeRM from Google Play. Downloading it is speedy and free.

16. Beekeeping For Beginners

Developed by: WE HELP YOU

When starting your beekeeping career, there are still a lot of things that you don’t know about the art. Beekeeping for Beginners covers a variety of topics so that you can fully understand the business. You will learn about various things that include how to harvest honey, make honey extractors, process and package your honey and successfully sell it on your local market.

This Beekeeping for Beginners is available on Google Play for download (on Android devices). Its size is 3.2 MB hence you never have to worry about your device running out of storage capacity.

You can never really know everything that there is about a particular craft. Learning happens daily and it’s the same for beekeeping. With the apps that we have provided in this article, you can learn more about keeping bees.

Some of them are specifically designed for quality record keeping so that you can better manage your farm. Using most of them is comfortable to ensure that you have an easy time improving your apiaries and succeeding at your beekeeping career.

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